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Announcing Maryland Medical Dispensary Association’s Inaugural Meeting


Media Contact:

Carissa Cartalemi


The first and only Medical Dispensary Association in Maryland is holding its inaugural meeting on May 19th following the MJ Biz Cannabis Expo in DC.

Baltimore, MD (April 25, 2017)​– This is an exciting time in Maryland's history as the full rollout of Maryland’s Medical Cannabis program is expected to commence in 2017 and suffering Maryland residents will finally have access to the health benefits offered through a safe and secure Medical Cannabis program.

To the Maryland patients in need of Medical Cannabis, the face of this new industry will be the dispensaries which will start opening in Fall of 2017. With an understanding of the responsibility that they will play in ensuring the safety and security of Maryland’s Medical Cannabis industry, dispensary owners have united in order to create an organization to promote the general advancement of the Medical Cannabis industry. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the Maryland Medical Dispensary Association (MDMDA.ORG), which is a trade association representing the interests of the Maryland dispensaries. It is the goal of the association to provide a unified voice for dispensaries, and to ensure that dispensaries adhere to a code of ethics, maintaining a level of professionalism among dispensary owners.

MDMDA looks forward to working with the State Legislature on all matters related to the Medical Cannabis Industry and will be a resource for any cannabis related legislation.

MDMDA’s inaugural event will take place from 3:00-6:00pm on Friday May 19th at Gaylord Convention Center at the National Harbor. In addition to networking with dispensary licensee’s, the event will include vendors offering Members Only discounts on goods and services. Tickets are free but limited to two per dispensary. To learn more about the event, please email


The Maryland Medical Dispensary Association (MDMDA) is the first organization that will promote the common interests and goals of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Maryland. We are a professional trade association advocating for laws, regulations and public policies that foster a healthy, professional and secure medical cannabis industry in our state. MDMDA works on the state and local level to advance the interests of licensed dispensaries as well as to provide a forum for the exchange of information in the Medical Cannabis Industry.

For more information or to request an interview, please contact, Carissa Cartalemi,Treasurer, or call 914-589-6566.

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